Praise for 'Blues for Hard Times'

Some recent press quotes! 
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‘Blending tradition with innovation, and showing off her stellar guitar chops and sharp wit.’
– Eric Wrisley, Blues Revue Magazine, USA

‘When she’s slapping the sass out of her acoustic…she sounds like two people.’
- Vintage Guitar Magazine, USA

‘Hot stuff.’ – Midwest Record, USA

‘Radiating energy…bends notes out of her guitars with genuineness, staying true to form and her own personality…’ – Downbeat Magazine, USA

Whether playing resonator, acoustic or electric, Boyes make it real; she makes it shimmer…’
- Sam Fell, Rhythms Magazine, Australia

‘Rightly sent accolades for her great guitar stylings…few can make the Blues so jubilant…world class’

‘True to the tradition of the old delta greats, yet surprisingly contemporary…Boyes infuses her music with attitude and punch to the point where it is infectious.’  
– Chris Johnson, Canberra Times, Australia

‘C’est toujour fais, enjoue ou grave. Belle fidelite; j’aime!’ – Andre Hobus, France