Brand new footage from recently aired episode of SBS TV show 'RocKwiz', highlights from second 2013 European Tour and the Ellnora Guitar Festival, IL, USA Sept 2013...and more...
Fiona Boyes YouTube chanel will also be adding more material soon! 

TV RocKwiz - 'Big Bigger Biggest' - with RocKwiz Orchestra

Highlights from European Tour, August 2013

Cigar Box slide - Adelaide, November 2013

TV RocKwiz - 'Smokestack Lightning' - duet with Russell Morris

Ellnora Guitar Festival, USA, September 2013

Interview and gig at 'Way Out West' Roots Music Club

'Young Rider Blues' - solo acoustic fingerpicking

'Old Time Ways' - solo electric at Fur Peace Ranch

'Place of Milk & Honey' - solo acoustic slide at Fur Peace Ranch