GEAR SALE!  I’m clearing out some of my amps and pedals that I bought for special projects and don’t use on the road. I’ve got an exciting new project coming up, so it’s time for a SALE! Click pix for more detail.

DAVE ULBRICK CUSTOM ‘FIONA BOYES SIGNATURE’ VERBO-VIBE AMP Dave built this amp for me in 2011. Based on his Verbovibe 30w combo model. Lots of headroom, big clear mids, and a ton of punch. It gets dirty when needed and is incredibly string responsive. Here’s the specs:

  • Class A, hand built, wired point to point = incredible dynamic response
  • 2 x 6L6 or 5881 power tubes
  • Cathode biased
  • 5 x 12AX7 and 1 x 12AT7 preamp tubes.  I use a NOS Phillips 5751 in V1 for more clean headroom, but I’ll put a 12AX7 back in for you
  • Long reverb tank with Dave’s signature all-tube wet/dry reverb mix
  • All-tube “true grid” tremolo with depth and speed controls
  • Reverb/tremolo foot-switch
  • Duel parallel switchable pre-amps (British bright/America deep – think Vox AC30 vs Fender Blackface Reverb).  These preamps are mixable, so it’s very versatile!
  • Push/pull switch on master volume (breakup/clean).  Drives the power stage harder when in or can be pulled out for more, cleaner headroom
  • Switchable rectifier (vintage-style sag or modern-style tight)
  • Custom paper bobbin hand-wound transformers
  • Back-lit control panel
  • 12" Celestion G12 Vintage 30 speaker 
  • Dave’s amps are simply unique. He winds his own transformers and uses the best parts he can source. I’m sorry to see this go, but other horizons await.
  • Price:    $3250.00 (AUD) buyer to pay shipping.    Contact: Steve ‘The  Preacher’ Clarke, Blue Empress Music Group  0428 243 481   +61 428 243 481 (Int)


VINTAGE MUSIC MAN RD-50 110 AMP (Not a Re-Issue!)

I’m the second owner of this classic, original Leo Fender amp.  Built in May 1982, it is in A1 condition.  Most of its life has been spent in the original owner’s and then my home studio.  I bought it back in 2008 when I returned from living in the US and my regular gear was still on a boat on its way back to Australia.  I simply don’t use it on the road as I have 2 custom combo amps that I tour with.  Very sorry to see this one go!  You can check out the details of these great amps here:

The 2017 re-issue version of this same amp is selling in Australia for $1895, you can have the real thing for $1750 (plus the mojo that goes with it!)  Comes with D2F ‘Designed to Fit’ Quality padded amp cover, made in the USA.

Contact: Steve ‘The  Preacher’ Clarke, Blue Empress Music Group

 0428 243 481  +61 428 243 481 (Int)






I’ve never been a pedal user, but these came into my possession through necessity.  The Tremolo Pedal and Reverb pedal were purchased when I was on tour in the US and my regular touring amp (with reverb and tremolo) went out of action, mid tour.  The amp company sent me a replacement amp so I could continue, but no reverb or tremolo on the amp they sent.  So, I went down to the music store and picked these up.  I got my amp back and they’ve been sitting around unused since then, so it’s time they found a new home.  

Likewise, the overdrive pedal was an experimental acquisition after playing on large Festival Stages with very loud, shredding guitarists and not being able to get over the top of the noise.  I tried it once and just didn’t like what it did to my tone.  But, having said that, I know these are incredibly well liked by overdrive pedal lovers, so here’s you’re chance to get a Rolls Royce OD pedal.  Dave Ulbrick built it for me and it’s signed on the back, from him to me.  This could be worth a fortune when I’m gone.

Contact: Steve ‘The  Preacher’ Clarke, Blue Empress Music Group 0428 243 481  +61 428 243 481 (Int)