review: 'Living Blues Magazine' USA NOV 2023

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Boyes mixes Delta slide guitar, single chord Mississippi Hill Country grooves, intricate country blues, and refined guitar finger picking on Maton and National Resolectric guitars. She draws inspiration from the bygone eras the classic blues sounds of New Orleans, Chicago, and Memphis, bringing refreshingly new and finely crafted original songs.  

There are very few blues players who put out the explosive mix of superb guitar instrumentation - fingerpicking or slide - a great voice, and top tier songwriting like Boyes.  One listen to Good Lord Made You So, or Joy is Back in Style, or Love Changing Blues, indeed any song on this record, reminded this writer of his radio days. Whenever Fiona Boyes aired in New York, the phone rang off the hook with people asking, “Wow, who was that?” The usual answer was, “That's Fiona Boyes from Australia.  She's among the very best of the best women singer-wongwrtiers in the blues today.” Actually, that is not true any more.  She's on of the best on the blues scene today, period, of any heritage, gender, or age. The raucous, yet elegant album Ramblified proves it.     - Frank Matheis

‘Living Blues’ Magazine USA Issue #287 - Ramblified album review by Frank Matheis


Fiona Boyes