I am excited to announce the launch of my new guitar tuition channel ‘BLUES ROAD TRIP’ on the TrueFire guitar platform - it’s LIVE NOW!

 TrueFire is a huge online guitar tuition site based in Florida, USA.  After performing for them in a recent 'virtual' masterclass/performance event called 'Play With Fire', the good folks at TrueFire invited me to publish my own teaching channel - and here it is!  Check out the video below to see how the channel works. You will need to create a FREE TrueFire account to login.  The channel is based on a modest $15 per month subscription for ALL the video lessons, but there's plenty of free content up there as well.  Please go and check it out - I would love your feedback!

The ‘Blues Road Trip’ is based around learning songs. 
Each of my original tunes has a Performance video, Songwriting Insights, Basic chords & Progression (suitable for beginners) through to a series of mini lessons, completely breaking down each song into small bite-sized chunks of information. You can easily apply these ideas to your existing repertoire, or you can learn my song, or perhaps use them to be inspired to write your own songs. If you’d rather just deep dive straight into various riffs, scroll down to ‘Just The Licks, Ma’am’ and search feels and keys. One-on-one guitar lessons or songwriting sessions are also available. New material is added every month!

As well as lessons, there’s also fun, FREE stuff at the channel – ‘Conversations in the Tour Van’, road stories, cigar-box guitar road-tests, song performances, and the songwriting backstories. Channel discussion threads allow you to request styles, feels, and virtual destinations.  Acoustic finger-picking, gritty electric, swampy Mississippi Hills, cigar-box guitar slide, New Orleans rhythms, swing and twang…where do you want to go on your ‘Blues Road Trip’?